1x Kiln-Dried Pine Firewood Handystack

1x Kiln-Dried Pine Firewood Handystack

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We are a WINZ approved supplier.

A Handystack of Kiln-dried Pine Firewood is consistently dry, super-clean and easy to handle.  Taking up less than half the space of split wood, there is no need to re-stack or endure damp, messy split firewood.  No bugs, no mess, no waste. 

Average stack quantity: 648 pieces of wood. 

Our all-terrain mini forklift is able to place your Handystacks directly into your woodshed, garage or onto your porch. 

These chunky blocks vary in size as they are independently milled and kiln-dried. They are generally from a younger pine tree and burn with a bright flame and lots of heat. This wood is perfect to burn on its own or combined with damp or harder woods.

All blocks are cut to 300mm or less so they fit into most fireplaces and are stacked on a pallet, wrapped for your convenience and stored in our large warehouse, ready for delivery.  Each Handystack measures 800mm x 900mm, stacked to 1.1 metres high, and has burning energy comparable to 2 cubic metres of loosely thrown split firewood of the same type and dryness.   A KDP handystack weighs approx. 370kgs.

Please note: Due to company restructuring, AucklandWaikato and Wairarapa are no longer part of our home-delivery areas.