BUNDLE - SAVE $100  - 2x KDP Handystacks & 3x Boxes Kindling

BUNDLE - SAVE $100 - 2x KDP Handystacks & 3x Boxes Kindling

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We are WINZ approved supplier.

***2 STACK BUNDLE SPECIAL - $100 DISCOUNT when purchasing 2x KDP handystacks of firewood & 3x boxes kindling. Delivered same address, same time.

A Handystack of Kiln-dried Pine Firewood is consistently dry, super-clean and easy to handle.  Taking up less than half the space of split wood, there is no need to re-stack or endure damp, messy split firewood.  No bugs, no mess, no waste. 

Average stack quantity: 648 pieces of wood. 

Our all-terrain mini forklift is able to place your Handystack directly into your woodshed, garage or onto your porch.

To make life even easier for you, we can deliver 3x boxes of Doug's Premium Kindling when we deliver 2x handystack of firewood.  Price $30.00 for 3x boxes (i.e. $10.00 per 4.5kg box).

We currently service restricted* areas of:  Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay & Wellington (*contact us to see if your area is covered before ordering). Please select correct dropdown location when ordering online.

Please note: Due to company restructuring, AucklandWaikato and Wairarapa are no longer part of our home-delivery area.